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    Frequently Asked Questions

    MPACT Financial Group engages existing and prospective clients with a wealth management approach. As trusted advisors, our role is to help protect, preserve, accumulate, and transfer wealth in the most cost-effective, tax-efficient manner possible. We deliver this in a team approach where each financial professional has an area of specialization. Wealth management at MPACT involves our team internally and includes our client’s external specialists, such as tax and legal professionals.

    While everyone’s situation is unique, most of our asset management programs or services are structured with an “asset-based fee” which is a percentage of the dollar value of the investments managed.

    Registered financial advisors are held to the standards of conduct outlined in Reg BI (Regulation Best Interest). The general obligation states that advisors must act in the best interest of a retail customer without putting their interests ahead of the customer’s.  In addition, because several partners at MPACT Financial Group hold the Certified Financial Planner™ designation, we are held to a fiduciary standard of conduct anytime we are providing financial advice.   For more information, please see CFP® Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct.

    MPACT Financial Group primarily works with individuals and closely-held businesses. New clients typically engage us through a referral from a trusted relationship. They value expertise, advice, a lasting partnership, and are committed to creating a plan to secure a future not simply for living, but thriving.