How can an investor overcome the challenges of investing?

Our portfolios are designed to give investors a multifaceted, cutting edge approach to wealth management through a combination of these elements.

The reality is we no longer have the same economic drivers that delivered a 25-year bull market as we saw from 1982-2007. During those years, many investors were advised to buy and hold a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. In large part, the plan worked quite well. However, the “Buy and Hold” approach is subject to the massive swings of the market as witnessed in 2008. Times are changing and more options are available today providing an opportunity for many investors to consider a modern approach to investing.

Capitalize in Rising Markets

Create an investment plan designed to capture most of the upside of the market. This helps satisfy the greed factor.

Mitigate Risks in Declining Markets

Develop a strategy that helps minimize downside exposure in the portfolio. This helps reduce the fear factor.

Reduce Exposure to Extreme Market Conditions

Even the most sophisticated and intelligent investors are susceptible to emotional decisions when faced with extreme market conditions. Our portfolio is designed for investors to maintain a middle-ground where there is less temptation and less emotion. This helps provide more consistency.

Add Non-Correlated Assets

Incorporate a component that can help maintain stability in ever-changing markets.

Becoming a client.

1. Schedule

The first step is to have a conversation. It allows you to meet with us in person and discuss your personal circumstances confidentially and determine if we would be able to help.

2. Identify

Through our initial conversation, we will help you identify your top financial priorities and advise you on taking the next step. We are glad to review your existing investment and insurance portfolio if you bring your statements with you to the initial meeting.

3. Plan

We look at the whole picture providing a holistic planning approach. We will work with you to gather information and deliver a comprehensive plan based on your financial needs and desires.

4. Invest

Based on your plan, we will propose ideas and solutions to help you achieve your financial priorities. In addition, we will identify obstacles that may prevent you from reaching your goals. A detailed investment strategy will be provided which we will help implement every step of the way.

5. Review

Once you become a client, we will set up on-line access and provide instructions on how to view your accounts. We will also establish a schedule to continue to monitor, track and help guide your plan. We understand that circumstances will arise and life changes will occur. When they do, we want to know. As your advisor, we’d like to be your trusted resource for all your financial needs.